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Choose your Coaching Package 

All coaching packages require payment upfront, unless there is a pricing plan listed. I am a big fan of people advocating for their needs, so I am always open to a conversation if the listed plans don't work for your budget. 

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Skip the BS of Dating - Pricing Options Available

Dating sucks, lately. It's become a necessary evil that we have to indulge in order to find our person (or persons). It's especially anxiety inducing in this post-pandemic client we live in.

I want it to be easy for you.  I want you to feel excited about dating and the potential that comes with each new contact. 

If you are interested in Skipping the BS- learn more here.

Empowerment Coaching - $1000 per month

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Specialized 1:1 coaching to help you break through the blocks that are holding you back from become your highest self! We will uncover what limiting beliefs you have about yourself by discovering how your past experience is informing your present reality. We will rewire your brain to have more positive beliefs about yourself, leaving you feeling empowered to level up in all areas of life. 

This is ongoing coaching, customized to your needs and desires, book a consultation call with me to find out if this is right for you.


Three 1:1 calls per month

Voxer Access

Worksheets and Journaling


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Custom Yoga and Mindfulness Package - Pricing Options Available

Are you curious about yoga and mindfulness but don't know where to begin? Do you want to start a yoga practice but aren't ready to go to a studio, or find the fast pace of online classes confusing?

Maybe you have a specific pain that you want to work through.

A custom yoga and mindfulness package might be right for you!

I offer private lessons, tailored to your needs and curiosities. I have taught anyone from beginner yogis and corporate 9-5ers looking to relax and unwind, to endurance athletes looking to add a stretching regimen to their training. 

My style of yoga and mindfulness is very gentle, easing you into relaxation and bliss. 

Book a call or email me today to start working on your package. 

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