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Dating Coach in Orange County

Hey there, 

Are you tired of wondering if your date likes you, when or IF they will set up a second date? Do you want to just skip all the waiting and wondering and get to the good, fun parts of falling in love?

I got you. My name is Kaylin, and I am a dating coach in Orange County, CA.

My signature dating program- Skip the BS- is a focused and empowering coaching program for single millennial women.

Skip the BS was birthed after I got really sick of dating the wrong men. I even said to my therapist, "my picker is broken." We worked through a lot of insecurities I didn't even know I had, he asked me questions to challenge what I thought I believed and wanted in a relationship. 


In my own work as a therapist, I saw a lot of the same in my own clients. Females especially, always waiting and wondering and not knowing exactly what they want or why they wanted it. 

I started asking my clients if they even liked the people they were going on dates with. I got a lot of confused looks and "what do you mean?" responses.

So I created this dating coach program to start helping singles that want to be in relationships without any BS. 


You deserve to know what you want and to know what works for you and what doesn't. You deserve to find a loving, supportive relationship- whatever that looks like to you.

Here's some of what is included in this 3 month container with me:

  • journal prompts to help you get deep

  • mindset work to help you get into the mood

  • self-paced questionnaires to help you get clear

  • a personalized Values Assessment

  • true-to-you Red Flags so you know exactly what to look out for

  • six (6) private calls with me, where we will bring everything together and make sure you are really clear on what you want you life and relationship to be



I really look forward to helping you skip the BS of dating and find the love you truly deserve. 





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