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Existential Therapy in Orange County

What keeps you up at night?

Are you asking those deeper questions like “Who am I?” or “How do I find myself” while trying to fall asleep? Do you feel lonely because your friends seem to be content just hanging out on the weekends while you crave something…more… something deeper, even if you aren’t sure exactly what that is?

My friend, you may be experiencing an existential crisis. Or at the very least, some existential anxiety. 

As it says in the name, Existential anxiety has you worrying about your very existence.

What is the meaning of life? Who am I? Why are we here?

Existential Therapy can help you find the answers.



Meet Kaylin Zabienski, LMFT. Your Existential Therapist in Orange County.

I can help, I’m Kaylin. I’m an existential therapist. 

Existential Therapy focuses on the big questions in life- those about identity, responsibility, free will and the search for meaning. I've always been more attracted to those subjects than who Kim K. might be sleeping with or how many surgeries Kourtney has had.

As an existential therapist, I believe that we all get the honor and pleasure of creating our own meaning in life. 

I will create a safe space for you to spend time exploring your identity in therapy.

What does an Existential Therapist do?

At Messy Authentic Counseling, I use a holistic, whole person approach to help you find yourself. I believe in the mind-body connection and will work with you to start to feel connected again, to be able to identify and recognize what is truly important to you.

In Existential therapy, I will be your guide, asking you questions that you may not know answers to yet. And that's ok. Therapy is the space to explore, to find out what matters and to continue to define and redefine who you are. 

My approach to Existential Therapy is to look at your values, your choices and  your responsibility to yourself and others. We will create the meaning of your life - or, rather, you will create it and I will be the witness to your creation.

There is no singular meaning of life, not even 42.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

If you are ready to get started, congratulations! This is a wonderful first step in your healing and that is not always easy.  Fill out the contact form below, and we will have a short 10 minute call to go over logistics and to make sure we are a good fit to work together. This is where you can ask me any other questions that are specific to you and your experience.  After that, we will schedule our first 50 minute session together, I will email you the paperwork to fill out before our appointment. I have a paperless practice so everything will be kept secure in my online portal. If you have more questions about what it is like to work with me, check out my blog post, here. 

What are some existential therapy techniques?

Existential Therapy isn't like other therapies, in that it doesn't have specific techniques that a therapist learns and uses with every client. Existential therapy instead focuses on themes, and helps to empower the client within those themes by giving them the autonomy and responsibility to make their own decisions. Existential therapy will ask questions about the Universal Human experience - pain and suffering, joy, meaning, self-determination and free will. That is by no means all inclusive, but rather a broad example of themes and topics. If you have specific questions or want to know more, use the form below to schedule a free 10 minute consultation to see if working with an existential therapist is right for you!

How do I know you are right for me?

There are many different approaches to therapy. I have found that by helping my clients learn to observe their thoughts without judgment and to stay in the present moment, that they experience relief within a few weeks.  My goal is to create a safe environment where you will feel empowered to tell me anything that comes up- even the ugly, messy parts. By confronting these parts, we are working together to find self acceptance. When you are able to accept yourself as you are, you tend to stop worrying so much about others. As Carl Rogers said, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.”

Let’s Work Together

Schedule your Free consultation call now! This is a chance for you to ask specific questions about your treatment and for me to find out more about what brings you into counseling. If we both decide that we are a good fit, then we will move forward from there with weekly meetings and you'll hopefully feel relief within the first few sessions! 

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