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I'm Kaylin

I help productivity-focused millennials overcome negative thought patterns so that they can find joy in each present moment.

I promise you this: You can stop fighting with your mind.

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Let's be honest:

You don't actually want to control everything. You want to be able to let go of control and trust that everything will be ok. 

You want to control your reactions. And you’d love to stop feeling guilty about resting and actually take a break.


But, even though you’ve tried to not rely on wine and doom scrolling, it’s just all that seems to turn off your brain. Between the constant pressure from your job to always be on and the not knowing what else to do, you feel stuck at the end of your rope. “Why am I the only one who can’t figure this out?”


That’s where I come in.

I'm obsessed with helping overworked millennials like you find emotional stability



Here' the back story

I love what I do. I love helping people to set boundaries and find inner peace because in a way, it feels like my own version of rebellion against toxic hustle culture and the productivity = worth mindset. 


I believe that we are worthy just because we exist, we don’t have to prove it to anyone.


And we especially don’t have to prove it by spending our lives working and stressing out, wondering if anyone will approve of us. 


Many therapists still come from the mindset that we are somehow better than our clients- that our clients are broken and we have the tools to fix them. My clients are not broken, they are powerful and resilient human beings who need a little bit of guidance to remember WHO they are and what is important to them.

How it started...

After graduation, I needed an internship. The problem at the time was that most internships were unpaid (they’ve luckily changed that rule since then). Since I was at my internship 10 hours a week, I needed to fill in the gaps with some paid work. I started waiting tables and working at a gym (hello early hours- but I got a free membership) in order to make ends meet. 


Even as a therapist with a budding specialty in stress and anxiety-

I didn’t see that I was setting myself up for the fast train to burnout.


  • I was saying no to everything because I didn’t have time, energy or money.

  • I wasn’t able to spend time at the beach that I was working so hard to live 1 block away from.

  • I couldn’t date even though I badly wanted a partner.

  • If I did manage to make a connection, I let it die away quickly because I didn’t have the energy to spend getting to know someone.



Before I noticed that I was burnt out (despite the lack of sleep, over reliance on alcohol, constant bodily tension and pain, racing thoughts, etc…)  I experienced a traumatic event that triggered an autoimmune condition- Hashimoto’s - that is exacerbated by stress. 


I couldn’t do it anymore. 

I had to slow down, and not just by finding a singular job- which I did. I needed to find a way to unwind that incorporated my whole being- mind, body and soul.


Now, it is my absolute passion and joy to help others do the same.


There isn’t just a one size fits all approach to this kind of work- and I make it a point to learn as much as I can so that I have as many tools to offer as possible. 


As millennials we have a unique worldview. We can remember a time before having a tiny computer in our pockets at all times- but we also can’t imagine life without it anymore. We’ve lived through 2? 3? Financial crises. Our parents still think that going to college and working hard will be enough to buy a home instead of renting a one bedroom apartment. 

What breaks my heart about my client’s struggle is that it often comes down to something so simple- they need permission to do things their way. They don’t know that they are allowed to dream big- for themselves- instead of showing up to build someone else's dream. 


I see it everywhere!. I see people constantly putting their dreams on hold because they “don’t want to ask for PTO” or because they don’t want to risk their boss thinking they’re lazy. It breaks my heart to see people working so hard, for very little payoff or return.

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And how it's going...

I’m running a business that is designed to support my need and desire to take things easy. I’m not interested in hustle culture, but I am interested in helping as many people as I can to transform their relationship to stress so that they can feel empowered and capable of living their own dream life. 


Deep down, my clients all know that the world we live in is complicated. It isn’t one-size fits all even though it is presented like that. My client values their freedom and their inner peace, even if it has been taken from them. 


My clients are ready to take back their inner peace.


Sound like you?

My why:

I believe that being productive and feeling rested can coexist.

I believe that our bodies and brains are not meant to be on all the time- that they need time to rest and restore for us to be at our best.

I believe that we all deserve to have good things in life, and to be surrounded by people and activities that light us up.

Some fun stuff about me:

I’m an INFG, Manifesting Generator, Enneagram 4, and a Leo 

I love watching Rom-Coms by myself and psychological thrillers with others.

I’ve only ever watched the Kardashian’s once- but it was for like 12 hours straight

I don’t have a specific coffee order, but it’s always gonna be a latte with oat milk- chai, vanilla, matcha, honey lavender, mocha… you get the point.

I have a rescue dog, Ducky, named for the Land Before Time character she most resembles.

I used to be a summer girly, but in the past few years I’ve preferred the coziness of fall.

Never worry about getting overwhelmed by stress again.

Get started for free

Not ready to commit to therapy? Check out some freebies below to help get you started on emotional stability. 

Quick Confidence E-Book

Accessible and simple exercises to do to give you that powerful boost of confidence before you go out and do hard things.

ABC's of Self Care

26 ideas for different ways to incorporate self care into your routine. Take care of yourself first, so that you can take care of others.

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