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Hi, I'm Kaylin. I'm your

Stress Management Therapist.

You may be feeling swamped and pressured, like you’re stretched way too thin. I understand, and I’m here to help.


I help driven millennial women transform their relationship to stress so that daily life is no longer overwhelming and self care no longer means feeling guilty.  


If you’re ready to start feeling grounded and balanced, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.


My approach to stress management therapy

Did you know that close to 73% of Americans say that their stress is affecting their mental health?


I’m here to change that. 


Life is stressful. There isn’t much that we can do about it.

What we can do something about is our perception of stress, and the way that we manage stress when it does come into our lives. 


Take everything you think you know about stress relief and throw it out the window—the “just calm down” stories,  the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, and the idea that you’re just a stresscase and you always will be.


Not all stress is bad, some of it motivates us to perform better or to get out of bed on a cold winter morning. Too much stress can leave you feeling like you can’t turn your mind off, like your thoughts are constantly racing away from you, or you’re at the end of your rope- all. The. time. 


There are different types of stress:


Acute stress is a reaction to something new or challenging- it's the motivation type of stress that is actually good for you. 

Episodic Stress is when you have multiple sources of acute stress that occur repeatedly one after the other- this type of stress starts to affect you because you don’t have time for your body or mind to return to a relaxed state before the next stressor comes along.


Chronic Stress is what happens when these multiple sources of stress keep coming and keep coming… and never stop. You are constantly under stress with no chance to relax or unwind… you’re feeling like you’re ready to snap and maybe you do! It feels like you’re drowning, overwhelmed… you get the point.


Together, we will  investigate the source of your stressful thoughts and feelings. We will dissect the thoughts that keep you up at night. We will incorporate mind-body exercises and activities that will help you to stay calm in stressful moments and stop you from hitting your breaking point.


Because you want more than just doom scrolling on tiktok while you try to fall asleep. You want more than zoning out to reruns of The Office. You’re looking for true inner peace.

You don’t need to learn how to completely turn off your mind just to find inner peace. Because long lasting stress relief is not about never thinking stressful thoughts. It’s about learning to work with your mind instead of against it.

Stress Management Therapy can help

Stress Management Therapy FAQs

Get help from a stress management therapist

When you move through life feeling like you got run over by a truck, you need more than just a few deep breaths and a half day from work. 


You need a long-term, holistic approach to your stress. 


Because let’s be honest: you don’t just want to relax.You want to feel that deep sense of inner peace, no matter what is going on around you.

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