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Individual Therapy for
Relationship Issues

Are you stuck in Relationship Groundhog Day?

Hi, my name is Kaylin  and I’m an individual therapist for relationship issues

You may be feeling stuck, hopeless, and frustrated when it comes to your dating or relationship life. I understand, and I’m here to help.


I help driven millennial women break the cycle of attracting and dating the wrong partners so they can develop healthy  and fulfilling relationships.


If you’re ready to start dating and relating better, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today. 

My approach to individual therapy for relationship issues

Real talk:

 If you’re still dating the same type of person over and over even after you’ve crashed and burned too many times to count, it’s not because you are “just attracted to assholes” or you get bored too easily.


It’s because you haven’t explored your own patterns or relating and how to break through holding yourself back. 


We learn how to relate to others in our very earliest years- sometimes we hold on to lessons that we don’t even remember learning. 


These “lessons” or patterns show up in our adult life in the way we communicate and relate to others. For example,  if you find yourself getting bored after the 3rd or 4th date, it probably isn’t because your standards are too high - it’s likely because you become disengaged as soon as things start to get too vulnerable and you feel exposed. 


You might have learned early on that when things get real, you get hurt.


This all happens on a subconscious level- and that's where I come in.


My job is to help you discover and analyze those patterns that are holding you back from the deep, loving relationship that you want and deserve. 


My approach to individual therapy for relationship issues is to help you get to the core of these patterns and behaviors, so that we can look at what isn’t working for you. You get to decide what you want in a relationship and I will teach you how to communicate your desires to your partner (or potential partner) so that you can get your needs met.


Just Imagine:


Instead of losing interest or getting bored after the 4th date, you actually start to feel seen and appreciated by your person. They see your darkest parts and they hold you through the painful times. You feel safe in letting yourself be taken care of and you finally get to loosen your grip on needing to control everything around you. 

Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues FAQs

Get help from individual therapy for relationship issues

Remember: You don’t need to settle or lower your standards just to keep a relationship going. Because creating a deep and fulfilling relationship is not about changing who you are. 


It’s about getting really clear on what you want and need in your relationships, and asking for it with confidence. 


Click below to schedule your free consultation.

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