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When brainstorming what I want my brand to be, how I want people to think of me, what I help people with, I came up with Messy Authentic. I want to help people get out of the perfectionism, the pretending, the people pleasing and trying to be something they aren’t. I want to help people be more compassionate with themselves, and to live a life that is more based on their personal values than on what they are “supposed” to be or do. I want to help people know their self worth and to live in that space, with intention. 


Messy Authentic: Intentional Living for the Chaotic Mind. 


What does that mean?


I have ADHD, anxiety, I’m a manifesting generator in human design, I have a lot of interests and goals, and a short attention span. ALL of that to say- My mind can get really chaotic sometimes. It can be overwhelming and put into the point of freeze mode

I believe that in order to find ourselves and figure out what we believe and what we want, there needs to be intention behind the action. Many people go through life without taking a second thought about what they love, what their desires are, what their values are…


My people are different. My people have purpose and want to follow that purpose. My people also understand what its like to be scared, to feel chaotic and overwhelmed. My people want to move past that and not just discover- but they want to create the life of their dreams. Because my people know that it isn’t a one size fits all situation. My best and your best will look totally different, and that's ok. I still want to help you get there.


We aren’t trying to keep up with the Jonses or even carry on this white supremacist capitalistic materialistic culture. We want to feel good and we want others to feel good. We don’t want to wait to reach the big G Goals to be happy- we want to be happy on the way. We celebrate the small wins, we give ourselves compassion and acceptance, AND WE REST. We don’t grind all the time. We take care of our  minds, bodies and souls. We take care of each other. 


So, when I say Intentional Living for the Chaotic Mind- that's what I mean. We are all on the journey of creating our best lives, and celebrating along the way. 


Join us.








The therapeutic relationship requires that clients become vulnerable with me pretty quickly. Even on the first phone call, telling a complete stranger what's bothering them is vulnerable. Owning that, and being able to share from that place is where healing begins. It also leads the vulnerable person to a place of authenticity. It takes opening oneself up to be able to find the truest version of oneself. 


Vulnerability requires trust, and earning that trust requires respect and compassion. Building empowerment also requires compassion and trust.


These things are all interconnected as a part of the healing journey. 


I am a guide on your journey, I am not the leader. I am walking beside you and showing you things that you might not see because I have a different vantage point. My clients are the experts in their own lives. 

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