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Online Courses for Self Care

Do you want to learn something new that will help you get closer to becoming the person you are meant to be? You know you want to "self care" but aren't sure what it is other than manicures and candle lit baths?


You're in the right place! My online, totally self paced courses are available for you. I walk you through the same steps I used with my therapy and coaching clients in order to teach you how to best take care of yourself- because no one else will. 

Messy Mindfulness-
Mindful Living Made Easy

Curious about mindfulness and how it works? This course will define mindfulness for you and break it down into simple practices that you can  easily integrate into your daily routine. Some of the practices are just a new approach to tasks you are already doing! Learn more here.

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Coming Soon:

People Pleaser Recovery is your step by step guide to let go of expectations and guilt so that you can stop your People Pleasing behaviors and start showing up with confidence.


Are you tired of...


  • Feeling like you HAVE to take care of your friends or family even though you just need a break.

  • Feeling like no one ever treats you as well as you treat them.

  • Feeling like you don't ever have time for yourself.

  • Feeling guilty anytime you ask for help... or even think about asking for help.

Coming October 2022.

Sign up for the wait list here. 

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